Kilombo Tenonde-Center for Capoeira Angola and Permaculture

The seed of Kilombo Tenondé was planted hundreds of years ago in the Kilombos in Brazil. During Colonial times, African people organized self-sustaining communities of resistance to slavery and oppression based on fundamental principles of African ideologies. Supported by Native Brazilian Indigenous Peoples, the Kilombos grew to become a larger community of defiance against Colonial government.


Kilombo Tenonde signThe Vision

Kilombo Tenondé recognizes the existence of new forms of oppression in modern, industrial society and provides a retreat from the numbness it creates; allows for re-generation of creativity, thought and purpose, and a chance to rebuild community structures that have eroded.

Mestre Cobra Mansa, (founder of the International Capoeira Angola Foundation, which has 20 official groups and many smaller seed groups across the world), started Kilombo Tenondé to welcome the involvement of all people to contribute and participate in the development of the projects listed below.


Kilombo Tenondé Farm–Bonfim, Bahia (Near Valenca)

The 80-acre Kilombo Tenondé farm, located in Bonfim, is being transformed into a fully self- sustaining, organic working farm based on the principles of sustainability and natural building construction.

Through organized workshops as well as self-designed courses of study and community focused projects, participants will develop valuable skills, knowledge and abilities, while nourishing and strengthening their souls.

Currently workshops are focusing on creating the infrastructure of both sites through sustainable building construction and permaculture. While these will continue into the future, the goal is to create the structure to support educational workshops, arts workshops and many other topics, that will arise from the members of Kilombo Tenondé over time.